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Does Inland Marine Insurance Cover Theft?

By March 4, 2024No Comments

In essence, inland marine insurance provides flexible coverage for property that is mobile or frequently in transit, offering protection against a variety of risks such as theft, damage, or loss. It’s important for businesses to assess their specific needs and consult with insurance providers to ensure they have adequate coverage for their valuable assets.

Here are some common examples of what inland marine insurance may cover:

  1. Transported Property: This includes goods, equipment, and materials being transported over land. Coverage typically applies while these items are in transit, whether by truck, rail, or other modes of transportation.

  2. Property in Temporary Storage: Inland marine insurance can cover property that is temporarily stored at locations other than the insured’s primary premises, such as a warehouse or a storage facility.

  3. Construction Equipment: Equipment and machinery used in construction projects, such as bulldozers, cranes, and scaffolding, may be covered under inland marine insurance.

  4. Fine Art and Collectibles: High-value items like fine art, antiques, and collectibles can be covered during transportation or while on display at exhibitions or galleries.

  5. Electronic Data and Equipment: Coverage may extend to electronic equipment, including computers, servers, and other technology devices, especially if they are frequently moved between locations.

  6. Contractor’s Tools and Equipment: Inland marine insurance can protect tools and equipment used by contractors and tradespeople while they are being transported or used at job sites.

  7. Communication and Networking Equipment: This includes items like telecommunications equipment, networking infrastructure, and satellite dishes, which may need coverage while in transit or during installation.

  8. Mobile Property: Items that frequently change location, such as musical instruments, photography equipment, or medical equipment, can also be covered under inland marine insurance.

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