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Risk Management

Identify Your Pain Points.

As part of our broad-based risk assessment for the diverse industries we serve, Conservation United will identify your company’s risks as they relate to third-party liability, HR, property, auto, executive liability, professional and environmental exposures, workers’ compensation, and other key issues. We’ll review our findings against your current insurance program to identify unexpected gaps and areas where risks can be further mitigated, and then determine what strategies need to be put in place to stem losses.

Our staff will work with your management team to prioritize risks based on current expenditures, the potential for future losses, and the need for enhanced safety or other measures critical to your operational needs. We’ll help you weigh each risk exposure carefully and decide what steps to take to mitigate and manage exposures.

What’s more, we will monitor the total environment in which you work by staying abreast of changes in technology, the economy, regulations, and the marketplace to see how these factors impact business strategies and risk exposures and to highlight any changes that need to be made to keep your organization safe and running efficiently.

Services & Programs

Expert risk management services to control losses, mitigate risk, and reduce claim frequency.

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About ConservationSafety360


Do you wish there was a simple way to reduce your insurance cost, improve employer-to-employee communication in your organization, and manage your important documents in a safe and secure way? All of these things contribute to the overall success of any organization, and each is crucial to future growth and security.
Through our industry leading platform, ConservationSafety
360, Conservation United offers an online risk management system to streamline your communications and policies, and we have a
dedicated claims management team to provide quick and efficient handling of claims.ConservationSafety360 helps manage your exposures, mitigate claims, and enhance communication within your organization.
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Risk Identification

Risk Identification

Having insurance does not guarantee you’re covered against every threat possible, which is why you should enroll in our RiskAdvisor360 program. Through physical property inspections and an examination of your historical risk drivers, employee handbooks, safety manuals, and emergency procedures, we will identify genuine risks to your organization and then review your policies to uncover any gaps in coverage that leave you unprotected.

A thorough investigation and accurate identification of your risks is the first step to improving employee communication, managing claims, reducing losses, and controlling your premiums.

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Risk Solutions


We do a lot more than simply identify areas of vulnerable in your organization. Based on trends discovered in your loss and claims histories, as well as risks found during onsite inspections, we will work with you to develop tailored solutions to protect your assets and employees and help you avoid future claims.

Defensive driving courses, continuity planning, improved ADA compliance, preventative maintenance, OSHA training, claims training, and updated safety and emergency manuals are just a few of the risk management services we offer to mitigate your risks and reduce your claim frequency.

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Risk Implementation


We’ll help you create and implement a safety committee to oversee workplace safety programs, and we’ll make sure urgent hazards receive immediate attention while also developing a long-term plan to improve the safety and efficiency of your organization.
Additionally, we’ll work with you to create, implement, and enforce corporate approved manuals, procedures, plans, and other documentation. Our team will train your employees on claims and safety to improve their knowledge of accident reporting, human resources, ADA, and more. Plus, your employees will have access to eLearning modules and other resources to remain up to date on changing regulations in the hospitality industry.

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Risk Radar


Identifying your risks and implementing a strategy to prevent loss is only half the battle. Our experts will monitor incidents and claims for trending, as well as regularly review your organization’s first year action plan. We will conduct quarterly reviews of your safety committee’s minutes and topics to ensure your business remains protected and operational.Careful monitoring by Conservation United’s experts will ensure your organization continues to run efficiently and effectively. The result is reduced claims frequency and a safer, more productive work environment.