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Nonprofit Organizations

9 Cyber Risk Questions Every Board Should Ask

When a data breach or other cyber event occurs, the damages can be significant, often resulting in lawsuits, fines and serious financial losses. What’s more, cyber exposures impact businesses of all kinds, regardless of their size, area of focus, or status as a private or public entity. In order for organizations to truly protect themselves…

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Screening Volunteers for Your Nonprofit Organization

Regardless of how your nonprofit organization recruits volunteers (e.g., word of mouth, via your company website or enrollment programs), Conservation United can help you establish a stringent volunteer screening process. This incredibly effective risk management tool will lend a hand in preventing any unnecessary harm and will allow your organization to select the best person for the position.…

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Directors & Officers Liability for Nonprofits

Many 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations have inspiring stories behind their creation. It’s not uncommon for passionate founders and directors to devote years of hard work and their own funds to move the conception of an idea into the birth of an organization dedicated to their cause. Often with little or no monetary compensation, nonprofit directors and…

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Managing Volunteers in Your Organization

Conservation United works with hundreds of nonprofits across the United States of all shapes and sizes.  We understand that as a nonprofit organization, most of your workforce is probably comprised of volunteers. These individuals devote their time and energy to help the community through your organization. Though these individuals offer their services without expecting compensation, they still…

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