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Case Studies


Case Study 1


In 2016 a large foundation in California approached Conservation United because they could not find a worker’s compensation carrier in the open market. Their organization had suffered a large loss in an ATV accident and were facing a huge increase in across the board workers comp rates that threatened the financial viability of their entire organization. Conservation United engaged a national carrier, explained the safety precautions that the organization had undertaken to prevent such an accident from occurring in the future, helped them recognize the unique combination of circumstances that had conspired to cause the accident, and secured coverage. The organization saved over $200,000 in the first year of coverage alone, through Conservation United’s efforts. In the process of reviewing their policy we discovered that their previous broker had also based their previous year’s rates on inflated payroll figures. Conservation United was able to help navigate the process of getting the over payment returned and correcting payroll figures moving forward.


Case Study 3


A nationally scaled nonprofit conservation organization engages in brushing and small diameter fuels reduction for fire prevention. Their previous broker had recommended an extremely expensive compensation code more appropriate to the logging industry. Conservation United directly advocated for a more appropriate compensation code reflective of the distinction between logging and brushing, saving the organization $175,000 per year.


Case Study 2


A nationally scaled conservation organization had recently merged with another organization. At the conclusion of the merger they were shocked to discover that the losses suffered by the organization they had acquired were dramatically increasing insurance rates throughout the entire newly merged entity. Conservation United helped the company organize a hearing on the matter, attended the proceedings at their side, and helped eliminate the losses from the newly acquired organization from their ongoing loss ratios. By helping to eliminate the impact of the losses of the acquired organization, Conservation United helped save over $200,000 in the first year alone.


Case Study 4


Shortly after switching to Conservation United as their broker, a conservation corps received an invoice for $109,000 from their previous carrier, with no explanation of how
the amount was determined. Conservation United contacted the carrier, disputed the amount, and determined that the entire $109,000 invoice was in error. The carrier rescinded the invoice, which the organization might otherwise have paid without Conservation United’s assistance.