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Challenge and Opportunity

Your company’s insurance represents a significant and vital investment on multiple levels. Depending on your field activities and exposures, a typical nonprofit or company may spend 4 –6 percent of their total revenue on the combination of policies necessary to protect the resources and infrastructure you have worked so hard to develop. Yet in the fast-paced, mission-driven conservation industry, the intricacies of insurance policy and the many variables that influence pricing are often misunderstood by management and entrusted blindly to brokers who often do not understand conservation, cannot fluently explain field activities to carriers, and who do not represent enough similar organization to generate volume pricing discounts. Most importantly, a gap in your broker’s understanding of every layer of your organization’s activities dramatically increases the potential that a gap in coverage may likewise exist.

An Experienced Team

When you partner with Conservation United, you'll find an experienced staff that understands the exposures and nuances of your industry and the challenges your operation faces in protecting against unforeseen loss. We deliver a 360-degree customized insurance and risk management approach that's flexible to meet the ever-changing landscape of the industries we serve.

The framework of Conservation United began to develop in 2012 under the auspice of a Construction focused insurance organization specializing in large, complex, construction risks.  In 2014, Conservation United was established as a sole and separate entity as an advocate for conservation organizations, representing their needs, allowing our client management team to focus on advancing their missions rather than navigating the confusing terrain of insurance and often saving substantially on premium in the process.

Co-founded by Chris Baker and Robert Johnston, Conservation United, Inc. represents a partnership between the conservation sector and the insurance industry. Chris Baker has spent 20 years supervising conservation corps crews, coordinating field projects, and developing American Conservation Experience, a nationally scaled nonprofit youth development program, and voluntary service organization. Mr. Baker's two decades of experience engaging youth and volunteers in complex, hands-on restoration projects for dozens of federal, state, and non-profit partners, across the entire spectrum of ecosystems and landscapes, and within the constraints of agency procurement law, uniquely prepares Conservation United to understand your organization's challenges.  While maintaining his position running a national nonprofit, Mr. Baker has remained an important asset toConservation United and has been instrumental advisor in the development and broadening of policy language to fully encompass the activities of Conservation organizations.

Robert Johnston brings a unique knowledge of safety and risk management having spent the better part of a decade leading employees to ensure adherence to safety policies and procedures for a global Fortune 500 construction wholesale company.   Mr. Johnston has been instrumental in setting the risk management tone for the organization and developing innovative, customer-focused services based on industry expertise and hand-selecting a team of insurance experts who have ties to Conservation and work collaboratively to provide the best customer experience.  Mr. Johnston is responsible for developing the direction of the casualty practice and expanding the company's knowledge base and market presence.  Additionally, along with Mr. Baker, he has been instrumental in the development of Conservation United's most recent endeavor, creating the world's first no collateral, completely adaptable Financial Assurance casualty insurance product for PRM, ILF & USACE wetland remediation projects.

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