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Archive for July 2016

Managing Volunteers in Your Organization

Conservation United works with hundreds of nonprofits across the United States of all shapes and sizes.  We understand that as a nonprofit organization, most of your workforce is probably comprised of volunteers. These individuals devote their time and energy to help the community through your organization. Though these individuals offer their services without expecting compensation, they still…

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What is Professional Liability? Why is it needed?

Professional liability insurance covers liability for damages arising from the rendering of or failure to render professional services. Protect yourself and your business from claims not covered by commercial general liability coverage. Professional liability insurance, also referred to as professional indemnity insurance, it protects professional personnel against negligence claims made by their patients or clients.…

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Reducing Risk: What’s Your Cost of Risk Management?

Conservation United takes a total cost of risk approach by tailoring your risk management program to look to the end game – your price. To reach that goal, we help you: • Analyze your exposures • Implement control measures to those exposures • Determine risk transfer or financing options • Manage current and future exposures…

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